Saturday, 6 November 2010

Al-Qaeda is western industry mainly


Prime Minister Ali Mujawar explained on Saturday that al Qaeda is a western industry mainly and not Yemeni at all, as some claim in order to perpetuate this perception about Yemen internationally.

This came during his meeting with a number of ambassadors of brotherly and friendly Asian and African countries to Yemen to clarify circumstances on the incident of the two suspicious parcels, discovered early last week, and its negative consequences on the air transport sector and the national economy.

Mujawar reconfirmed safety and strength of security measures applied at Yemeni airports.He noted to the existing partnership between Yemen and the international community in the fight against al Qaeda terrorism, calling on the international community to support Yemen's efforts to combat terrorism despite Yemen's current economic and development challenges.

"Yemen has launched an early warning of the danger of terrorism on the international security even before the September 11 events, but unfortunately we did not find response to these warnings", he said.

He confirmed that Yemen would continue in its efforts to counter terrorism and terrorists despite the high cost of human and economic losses, considering poverty and unemployment significant factors that help the growth of extremism, whether in Yemen or in any other country.

For his part, Interior Minister Mutahar al-Masri revealed that the persons belonging to al-Qaeda in Yemen were not born in Yemen, but they were born and raised in other countries and then came to Yemen to engage in terrorism.

"We daily perform tasks to hunt down terrorist elements hiding in mountains and caves", said al-Masri calling for greater international effort to support Yemen in its programs, plans and efforts to root out terrorism.

He affirmed that the volume of international support for Yemen in this aspect is not commensurate with the necessary requirements needed to support Yemen in its battle against terrorism.

Minster of Transport Khalid al-Wazir explained that despite the passage of these parcels and Abdul Muttalib, the underwear bomber, through more than an international airport, including European airports, but there were not any action against those airports.

Al-Wazir said that the Yemeni airports are subject to periodic audit by the International Civil Aviation Organization, most recently was in 2008, and the results were positive.

At the meeting, a number of ambassadors expressed their satisfaction for the explanations provided by the Premier and Ministers of Interior and Transport on the circumstances of the two parcels incident, as well as the efforts made by Yemen to combat terrorism and enhance security and stability.

In this regard, they voiced understanding and appreciation of their countries to Yemen, confirming their countries' support for Yemen in the war against terrorism.

They emphasized that al-Qaeda is an international challenge, not to a particular State.

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