Thursday, 11 November 2010

Security developments in Yemen

Source: Reuters, 11/11/2010

Yemen is trying to quell a resurgent wing of al Qaeda that has increased attacks on Western and regional targets in the Arabian Peninsula state, a neighbor of oil giant Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for two parcel bombs intercepted en route to the United States from Yemen last month.n">

The government is also trying to cement a truce with Shi'ite rebels in the north and end a separatist rebellion in the south.

Following are security developments in Yemen in the past month (* denotes new item):
*SHABWA, Nov 11 - Masked gunmen wound two soldiers manning a checkpoint in Shabwa province. A local official says they are suspected of being members of an Islamist extremist group.

SHABWA, Nov 9 - A gunman kills an army lieutenant in a tribal non-political dispute, a local government official says.

SANAA, Nov 8 - Radical Muslim preacher Anwar al-Awlaki releases a full-length version of a previous video clip. In it he calls on Muslim clerics to revive jihad against American interests and Arab governments collaborating with Washington.

SANAA, Nov 5 - AQAP claims that it sent the two parcel bombs addressed to U.S. recipients but intercepted en route, and that it caused a UPS plane to crash in Dubai in September.

SANAA, Nov 4 - Yemen begins trial in absentia of U.S.-born Yemeni preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, who is hiding in Yemen and listed as a "global terrorist" by Washington.
DALEA, Nov 4 - A car bomb near a security building in Dalea city, in southern Dalea province, kills two people and wounds at least 20.

SANAA, Oct 29 - Two U.S.-bound parcel bombs sent from Yemen are intercepted in Dubai and Britain after a tip-off, and the foiled attack is blamed on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
ABYAN, Oct 29 - A Swedish engineer is released hours after being kidnapped by armed tribesmen wanting to negotiate the release of a fellow tribe member sentenced to death. The case will be reviewed, a security source says.

SAADA, Oct 27 - Shi'ite northern rebels kill one man and wound three in an ambush, the interior ministry says.

ABYAN, Oct 26 - 15 Yemenis suspected of belonging to al Qaeda turn themselves in to authorities after tribal negotiations on their behalf, the state news agency Saba says.

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