Friday, 26 November 2010

American and Israeli intelligence blamed for second car bomb against Al Houthi rebels

By Nasser Arrabyee/26/11/2010

The spokesman of Al Houthi rebels again accused the American and Israeli intelligence of being behind the suicide car bombing which killed at least two and injured 10 others of Al Houthi supporters on Friday in Sa’ada north of the country.

“The one who planned, financed, and implemented the Wednesday car bombing is the same one who did the attack of today,” the spokesman Mohammed Abdul Salam told reporters.
The suicide car bombing of Wednesday killed more than 20 of Al Houthi supporters in the neighboring province of Al Jawf. Abdul Salam said American and Israeli intelligence were behind that attack.

Both suicide bombings targeted at least two prominent tribal leaders loyal to Al Houhti Shiite rebels in Al Jawf and Mareb where Al Qaeda is believed to be growing by recruiting unemployed sons of disgruntled tribesmen.

Both targeted tribal leaders, Abdullah Abdan, from Al Jawf, and Mubarak Al Mashan, from Mareb, survived in the two attacks.

The Yemeni government condemned both attacks saying they are against values of Islam, and values of freedom and democracy vowing to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Earlier in the day, two people at least were killed and 10 other injured when a car bomb exploded in a convoy of tribesmen loyal to Al Houthi Shiite rebels on Friday in Sa’ada north of Yemen, said sources in the convoy.

The attack is the second of its kind against tribesmen loyal to Al Houthi in less than a week.
The suicide bomber was killed and his car and two others of the targeted convoy were destroyed in the terrorist attack.

About 40 cars with tribesmen on board from Mareb province under the leadership of sheikh Mubarak Al Mashan, were in their way to participate in the funeral of the spiritual leader of Al Houthi rebels, Badar Al Deen Al Houthi who died earlier this week.

The 86-year old Badr Al Deen, was the father of the current leader of Shiite rebels, Abdul Malik Al Houthi.

Mubarak Al Mashan, a tribal leader from Jihm tribe of Mareb, escaped the attack because he was not in his car which was destroyed by the car bomb, other sources said.
The attack took place in Al Saifi area , between Al Taleh and Dhahyan in Sa’ada province.

Two days earlier, a car bomb targeted a convoy of tribesmen from Al Jawf province in their way to celebrate the Shiite day Al Ghadeer killing about 20 of them.

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