Saturday, 19 March 2011

Legal Committee formed to investigate Friday's bloody shooting

By Ashwaq Arrabyee

A legal committee was formed to investigate the snipers who open fire on the anti-regime protesters, killing about 40 people and injuring more than 100, media sources at the sit-in tents near to Sana'a University said today Saturday.

The sources said the legal committee formed of judges, lawyers, and security men who have joined the protesters will investigate the snipers who are mostly carrying military ID cards.

A military source denied accusing the military and security forces, the Republican guards and Central Security Force in particular, of shooting the protesters yesterday.

It is not reasonable to go to murder people carrying an ID that shows your relationship with a certain body, the military sources said.

The sources added these are political news aiming to involve the armed and security forces in the political conflicts, despite the fact, the protesters themselves are demanding the army and security forces to protect them.

In the same context, the official media has demanded for independent investigation on Friday's bloody incident and accused Sheikh Hamid al Ahmer, a leading member of Yemen's Islamist political party, of being behind the incident.

The opposition media held the President and his family the whole responsibility for the incident.
"This is a serious crime against humanity and the president and his family must be imprisoned and put on trial," Mohammed Qahtan, the Opposition JMPs spokesman said.

On ground, the capital Sana'a city witnessed a noticeably spread of military vehicles and tanks especially in Al-Sabeen square and around the Presidential Palace in Sana'a.

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