Thursday, 17 March 2011

Two people wounded in clashes between Gov supporters and anti-gov protestors

By Ashwaq Arrabyee

Two people were injured in clashes with hands and sticks between government supporters and anti-regime protesters near to the sit-in tents in Sana'a University, said protesters early Thursday.

The eyewitnesses said the government supporters hurled the anti-regime protestors with stones and they retaliated and then the security forces used rubber and live bullets and tear gas to break up clashes which continued for few minutes.

About two were injured by live pullets in their hands and 5 other by tear gas, but they were stable, the medical sources said

On the other hand, the Opposition Joint Meeting Parties condemned in a press release using force against the peaceful demonstrations and tracing and threatening local and international journalists and TV channel correspondents.

The press release also demanded the president to respond to the demands of the people and to hand over the power to the people who are the source and owner of the power.

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