Saturday, 26 March 2011

Arms Dealer appointed as Saada governor

Ashwaq Arrabyee

The Yemeni arms dealer Fares Manna was appointed as a new governor for Saada Province after holding control over the northern province of Sa'ada by Al-Houthi Shiite rebels.

Local source said Sheikh Manna held a meeting on Thursday with members of local council and some Houthi representatives. In the meeting, Manna was appointed as a governor succeeding Taha Hajer who left Saada last week.

“Following the current uprising demanding for ouster of the President, an exceptional meeting was held on Thursday with presence of members of local council and districts in the governorates. The attendees agreed to appoint sheikh Fares Manna as a temporary governor for Saada until conducting free and fair elections,” a statement issued by ‘media office of Saada Governor, Sheikh Fares Manna’ said.

The statement said a representative of Houthi rebels praised this step confirming Houthis’ readiness to cooperate with them for stabilizing the safety and security in the governorate.

This came after Houthi rebels were able to control Saada city and established security check points all over the city.

Last year, Yemeni government arrested Fares Manna on charges of providing arms to Houthi rebels in northern Yemen but then he was released.

Seven Al-Qaeda militants killed in Abyan

7 Al-Qaeda militants were killed in an attack on a security check point in Yemen's southern province of Abyan, local sources said Saturday.

Eyewitnesses said that severe clashes were taken place early morning between security forces and Al-Qaeda militants in Lord District, in Abyan, killing seven people and injuring others. No more details on the number of the security men were killed on injured.

Meanwhile, some al-Qaeda militants are currently surrounding the Republican Palace and a local Radio station in Khanfer district, in Abyan province, local sources said.

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