Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Yemeni MP retracts resignation from the ruling party after President Saleh accepted solution from clerics

By Nasser Arrabyee/01/03/2011

A Yemeni member of Parliament recanted to resign from the ruling party after President Ali Abdullah Saleh accepted an 8-point plan for solving the crisis offered by the Yemeni clerics.

The MP Khaled Mesar was one of the 10 MPs from the ruling party who said last week they would resign if the violence against protesters has not stopped.
I changed my mind after President Saleh accepted the clerics initiative and also after forming a fact-finding committee to investigate in the violence against protestors in Aden.

The 8-point plan which was offered by Sheikh Abdul Majid Al Zandani in the name of Yemen’s clerics and accepted by President Saleh but refused by the opposition is:

1. All parties are to end demonstrations and sit-ins to bring an end to streets congestion, preventing chaos, destruction of public and private properties.

2. All parties are to end inciting and provocative media campaigns in order to create a suitable environment for national dialogue.

3. Establishment of a mediation committee to end political disputes. Five prominent judges will be selected to the committee. GPC will choose two Judges, JMP will also select two and the Committee of Religious Scholars will choose the fifth member.

4. The release of prisoners who has not been proven guilty or don’t have pending court cases .

5. Forming a national unity government (coalition government).

6. Intensifying anti-corruption investigations and activities by speeding up the prosecution of pending cases.

7. The withdrawal of the current election and referendum draft laws. Parliament will have to approve a new law with the consensus of both parties (Ruling & Opposition).

8. The Withdrawal of proposed constitutional amendments.

Furthermore, a Presidential directive established an investigatory committee into the recent outbreaks of violence in the City of Aden. The committee will be headed by Minister of State Abdulqader Helal and includes Deputy Attorney General, Deputy Minister of Local Affairs, Chairwoman of the National Womens' Commettie and Dean of the Lawyers Union.

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