Tuesday, 23 August 2011

10 soldiers,15 Al Qaeda operatives killed in south Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/24/08/2011

A total of 10 soldiers and 15 Al Qaeda operatives were killed late Tuesday in attacks and counter –attacks between government troops and Al Qaeda in and around the city of Zinjubar, tribal and medical sources said Wednesday.

The big operations took place in the area of Dawfas at the outskirt of Zinjubar between Al Qaeda operatives (Insar Al Shariah) and three brigades positioning in this area which is close to Aden.

Al Qaeda attack on the three brigades 201, 39, 119, in Dawfas came in retaliation for airstrikes on the area of Al Arkub on Monday in which more than 6 Al Qaeda operatives were killed, the sources said.
At least 20 soldiers and 43 Al Qaeda operatives were injured in the clashes, the sources said.

Meanwhile, counter-terrorism forces from the capital Sana’a arrived in the volatile province of Abyan on Tuesday, security sources said.
The sources said the that counter-terrorism forces would help the troops and tribesmen to defeat Al Qaeda operatives.


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