Sunday, 7 August 2011

President Saleh out of hospital and prepares for returning to Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee 07/08/2011

The Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is now in a royal residence after he  has left the military hospital in the Saudi capital Riyadh, said the Yemen news agency Saba. 

The agency did not say when the  president is returning to Yemen.
 Saleh is expected to return very soon to help in solving the crisis.
Saleh's supporters expressed their rejoice by firing fireworks and live bullets to the air as soon as they heard the news tonight August 7th.

Earlier, the Yemeni foreign minister Abu Bakr Al Querbi,said that dialogue is the only way  to get out from the current crisis in his country.

"It is impossible for this  crisis to continue for ever," said the minister in televised statements on Saturday.

The minister said the solution is a dialogue to reach a compromise or elections.

The military solution is impossible and no party can win in such divisions, he said.
"Those who think of the military solution are mistaken," the minister said.
He said every thing is divided in Yemen, the politicians, the tribes and the army.

The President Saleh will not step down until a  new president is elected.
"and this means we preserve democracy," he said.

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