Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Opposition council ignored by officials and denied by some of its members

By Nasser Arrabyee,18/08/2011

The Yemeni opposition groups declared an umbrella council on Wednesday to escalate their pressure on the defiant President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down. 

The opposition step came only one day after President Saleh vowed he  would return very soon.

The opposition say their umbrella , the national council, will unite their forces and lead the revolution until all goals are achieved.

The deputy minister of information Abdu Al Janadi said the majority is still with president Saleh and his party.
"We do not care at all about this council, we still have the majority and President still has the majority," Al Janadi commented.

20 members and chairman will be elected for the council  from among 142 members who were chosen  on Wednesday July 17the, 2011.

The 142 includes all leaders of the main opposition parties which includes the Islamists,Socialists and Nasserites.
Youth and other opposition groups  like Houthi, south separatist movement, and opposition abroad  are represented in the list of 142.

However, some groups and individuals have already denied their  approval and participation in the conference of Wednesday which was held in the university of Sanaa which is under the control of the defected army of general Ali Muhsen.

The  opposition party of Ray, denied their approval and participation in thr council.
 The top three officials of the Ray party were put in the list 142 of the council.

The tribal leader Naji Al Shayef,historic head of Bakil tribe,the second most influential tribe after Hashed, denied his approval and his knowledge of the council . His name was one of the 142.

More than 50 per cent of the 142 chosen members were absent from the founding conference of Wednesday.

The ruling party played down the importance of the opposition council.
In a statement,the party said some of those chosen for the council are high way robbers and criminals.


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