Saturday, 6 August 2011

No problem in Sanaa airport,official says

By Nasser Arrabyee  06/08/2011

The flights in the international airport of Sanaa are normally arrive and leave on time,  said the director of the airport on Saturday.

The director Naji Al Murakab,denied reports that the airport stopped on Friday because of renewed clashes between opposition armed tribesmen and security forces in the areas nearby the airport.

The official Al Murakab said that the Saturday flights started with a flight to Aden on  Al Saeeda  airliner in the early morning  and that 17 flights arrived and 17 departed on time yesterday Friday.

The capital Sanaa is quiet today after four hours of  clashes between security forces and opposition tribesmen loyal to Al Ahmar family.

The clashes , which resulted in no casualties, came after Al Ahmar fighters kidnapped to military vehicles patrolling in the  area of Al Hasaba on Thursday. 

Reinforcement troops and armored vehicles were deployed immediately after the kidnapping.

The two sides exchanged accusations of violating a two-month truce supported by the Saudi Monarch King Abdullah Bin Abdul Azeez. 

About 150 people  were killed during two weeks of fighting between  the two sides late last May.

The Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansor Hadi played an essential role in stopping the clashes of Friday.

The Saudi and American officials are leading now regional and international efforts to solve the 6-month crisis by constitutional , peaceful and orderly transfer of power from President Ali Abdullah Saleh to his deputy or by conducting early presidential elections.

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