Saturday, 7 May 2011

Economic catastrophe looming in Yemen’s unrest

By Nasser Arrabyee/07/05/2011

A real economic disaster is to happen very soon in Yemen if the government keeps unable to protect the oil and gas supply and production from saboteurs, said the Yemeni minister of oil on Saturday.

“The problem of oil and gas is now even more dangerous than the protests and sit-ins,” Amir Al Aidaros, minister of oil, told the parliament.

The tribesmen of Abeeda tribe in Mareb are still preventing government teams to go and repair the oil pipeline which was exploded by Al Qaeda suspects in the valley of Abeeda in the middle March, 2011.

The government also was not able secure the road between Sana’a and Mareb, the minister said.

The minister of oil Al Aidaros said the big responsibility for securing production and transportation of oil and gas rests now on the ministry of interior and defense.

The minister of electricity, Awad Suqatri, also told the parliament in the same session that, the 400-million-dollar Mareb electricity station has become almost a daily target for saboteurs and outlaws.

“The government lose more than half a million dollar per day because of the daily blackouts,” the minister Suqatri said.

Almost in the Yemeni cities you can see everywhere you go nowadays long queues of people seeking oil for their vehicles or cooking gas for their houses and restaurants.

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