Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yemen Al Qaeda top leader vows to avenge Bin Laden

Yemen AlQaeda top leader vows avenge  Bin Laden
Source: Xinhua 11/05/2012
SANAA- Leader of the Yemen-based al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Nasir al-Wahishi said the United States "will repent of killing Osama bin Laden", in a statement posted on Wednesday in al-Qaida's Jihadist websites.

"The Unites States made a big mistake when it killed Sheikh Osama bin Laden," al-Wahishi said, pledging for "intensive and harmful revenge on the interests of the United States and its allies who celebrated the death of bin Laden, including the Yemeni and Saudi governments."

"We warned Americans not to fool themselves that the game will be over with the killing of bin Laden ... What is coming is greater and worse, and what is awaiting you is more intense and harmful," al-Wahishi said.

He said the armies of AQAP are going ahead to die for revenge.

"We promise that we will remain firm and that we will continue the march, and that the death of the sheikh will only increase our persistence to fight the Jews and the Americans in order to take revenge," he said.

The AQAP was born in January 2009 with the merge of the Yemeni and Saudi branches.

At its early stage, the AQAP took Yemen as its base for training and plotting, however, more and more attacks have taken place inside and outside the country since the beginning of 2010.

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