Monday, 2 May 2011

Yemen reactions over death of world top terrorist

The angry are more than the happy

By Nasser Arrabyee/03/05/2011

The death of the top leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, by the American forces in Pakistan today May 2, 2011, sparked various reactions ranging between anger, joy, and shocking among Yemenis whose country faces unrest because of many challenges, maybe the growth of Al Qaeda is the most dangerous one.

“All of us are Osama Bin Laden, Obama,” wrote in their face-book pages, many of the young people who have been demanding the ouster of the defiant President Ali Abdullah Saleh for more than three months.

“Yes, he is the martyr of the Umma, he is the most respected hero of Islam , and we will be like him if Obama continues to support Saleh,” said the 24-year old Ameen over phone from the sit-in square in Sana’a.

Those young people who established the face-book pages “All of us are Osama Bin Laden” are not necessarily religious or sympathizers of Al Qaeda, but they are angry from Obama administration for supporting Saleh, said Ameen, who said he advised the face-book activists to be careful about declaring their support for Bin Laden.

“I know Saleh and his supporters would exploit any support and sympathy with Osama bin for their interest, but this is the truth, many young people look at Osama as a hero they hate Obama who supports Saleh,” said Ameen, who preferred to give only his first name.

Aidaros Thuraya, who is working a clinic, does not care very much about the death of Bin Laden, but he was very worried this morning after he heard the news of Bin Laden’s death.

“The Americans killed Bin Laden, Al Qaeda would kill the Americans here in Yemen, and we do not need any more problems, we have enough, we want to live like other people in the world,” said Mr. Thuraya, who happened to be from the same village of the top leader of Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula, Nasser Al Wahayshi.

“I know very well how these people think, they do not care about killing and destroying,” he said.
However, there are many Yemenis who were extremely happy to hear the news of the death of Osama bin Laden this morning, but they were not as brave as those who were sad and angry to express their feelings and views in such a conservative society where there is almost no difference between a terrorist and Jihadist or Mujahid.

Those who were sad and angry were boasting to express their love and respect to Bin Laden publicly and without any fear.

But those who were happy would prefer only to whisper, looking right and left, while expressing their hate and refusal to Bin Laden and his sympathizers.

“I’m very happy to hear such a news, it’s a victory over terrorism and extremism, and it’s actually a victory for Islam, because Bin Laden presented Islam in a very bad image to the world,” Said Essam.

“Wherever I go in the world, I can not say I’m Muslim, if I say I’m Muslim people only imagine Bin Laden, and remember his killings of innocents and destruction of every beautiful thing,” Said Essam who travelled to many places in the world including US.

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