Saturday, 21 May 2011

Yemeni cleric Al Zandani urges anti-Saleh protesters to accept US-backed and Saudi-led GCC deal

By Nasser Arrabyee/21/05/2011

The Yemeni cleric Abdul Majid Al Zandani urged the anti-Saleh protesters to accept the US-backed and Saudi-led GCC deal for transferring the power.

The protesters insist on immediate ouster of President Saleh and refuse any deal or dialogue, although their parties were involved in all previous and current talks.

Earlier last March, Al Zandani who greatly influences the Islamist party, Islah that mainly leads the anti-Saleh protests, told the protesters that keeping in their sit-in squares is Jihad.

He told them that their doing so, would help to establish the Islamic Caliphate, which, he said, would be announced in 2025.

Al Zandani, who is listed in the terror lists of US and UN, denied Al Qaeda threats in Yemen. “ Al Qaeda is just a justification used by the Arab leaders to kill their people and exercise tyranny against them,” Said Al Zandani Saturday in press conference held in his house in the Yemeni capital Sana’a, to call protesters and all Yemeni to accept the GCC deal.

In the press conference Al Zandani said he received death threats from unknown phones call not to hold the conference.

“They told me they would bombard my house with fighter jets,” he said.
Al Zandani came back to Sana’a after he escaped to his tribe in Arhab in the north east of Sana’a last March after he declared his support for the anti-Saleh protests.

Before he turned against Saleh, Al-Zandani was always cooperating with President Saleh who repeatedly refused to extradite him to the Americans as one of the wanted.

Al Zandani, in his conference, warned the Yemeni people and protesters from those who call for secularity in their blogs and face-book page.
“ There are people who call for secularity in their blogs , Yemen is Muslim country, and we would confront them,” He said.

Late Saturday, the GCC chief Abdul Latif Al Zayani arrived in Sana’a to witness the signing of the US-backed and Saudi-led deal for transferring the power from President Saleh in one month.

The opposition is expected to sign to night, while President will sign tomorrow Sunday.
The GCC chief Al Zayani left Sana’a last Wednesday after his five days of consultations with the two conflicting parties failed to sign the deal in the last minute because of who is going to sign and in what capacity.

President Saleh said he would accept and sign the GCC deal to avoid a civil war, although he described the deal as “coup operation” and external conspiracy. Saleh also warned the world from Al Qaeda in Yemen after leaves the power. He expected Al Qaeda take over some provinces like Mareb, Shabwa, Abyan and Hudhrmout.

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