Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Al Qaeda top leader: We are behind the anti-government protests in Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/27/07/2011

The top leader of Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsular (AQAP) said his supporters have been mainly participating in the six-month protests against the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

“We, Mujahideen, are with the people of Umma in the squares of change and freedom until the Sharia rules,…” said Nasser Al Wahayshi in a 10-minute video message posted in Al Qaeda-linked websites on Tuesday.

Al Wahayshi, who pledged allegiance to Osama Bin Laden’s successor, said that his supporters in Yemen represent the majority of the population while the political parties from both the ruling and opposition represent only the minority. And this “minority is loyal to the Crusaders”.

Exploiting the current unrest, AQAP and Insar Sharia have been battling with the government troops for about two months in Abyan province where they declared two town at least as Islamic Emirates.

According to local information from Abyan, Nasser Al Wahayshi escaped from Zinjubar to MuKairas on Thursday July 21, 2011 after the government troops and tribesmen tightened the noose on his fighters in the city and its outskirts. Mukairas is close to Al Wahayshi village, Ghail Al Wahayshi in Al Baidah province.

“We , Mujahideen, the sons of the nations, we are from it and within it, we share with it the happy and unhappy times, and we are with in the squares of change and freedom to establish the rule of Sharia, and to make Shura come, security return, and justice prevail,” Al Wahayshi said in his message to his Shaykh Zawahri.
“Our people have gone beyond the political parties that want to take the victory of the Umma for their interest to please the Americans and Crusade West,” He said. “ The parties represent the minority, and they are loyal to the Crusaders.”

"As for the American Crusader enemy, they stood incapacitated towards the situation in Yemen, except by doing some intelligence work and air bombing with unmanned planes, with acceptance from the government and the opposition, and with silence from other institutions towards this intervention and penetration of airspace," Wuhayshi said.

"We will not stand with our hands tied. Our war with this Zio-Crusader campaign is ongoing, for they are the ones who choose war, and their people clapped for them. We are people of war; we were born from its womb and we grew up in its midst. It is as if we were only created to fight them and bother them."

Wuhayshi also said that al Qaeda seeks to impose its brand of Islam across the globe, through force of arms.

"Our project is to institute the Shariah of Allah on Earth and reject the man-made laws and constitutions," Wuhayshi said. "Nothing will rule the country other than the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of Allah's Messenger, Allah's peace and prayer be upon him, [especially] not with words written in a constitution to deceive people: 'Islamic
Shariah is the source of legislation.


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