Sunday, 17 July 2011

Increasing refusal to 'Dead newborn' transitional  council

 No single opposition party recognizes this council

By Nasser Arrabyee/ 17/07/2011

A  civil alliance of Yemeni revolution refused a transitional council declared earlier on Saturday by another alliance protesters.
 The alliance,which includes a number of modern and  liberal groups from different political backgrounds, said the 17-member council was made without any consultations and agreements with the effective forces.

"We refuse the so-called 17-member presidential transitional council declared by the so-called the preparatory committee of revolution youth council," said a  statement of the alliance issued Sunday.

Earlier on Saturday immediately after that council was declared, Yemeni leading  protesters voiced their refusal  describing the council as a dead newborn.

The 17-member council was declared by the female leading protester Tawakul Karman without agreement of the main opposition parties  including her Islamist party ,Islah that leads the opposition protests.
"This council will never succeed,it was done and declared overnight without even the agreement of its members," said the leading protester Najib Abdul Rehman.
Judge Fahim Muhsen, one  of the 17 members declared, denied his knowledge of the council.

"I heard about this council only from media,I am still doing my work,and we as judges will always keep away from politics,"said  Judge Fahim whose name was mentioned in the alleged council as chairman of the supreme judicial council.

The deputy minister of information said the council would not work at all.
"The government is till there,the institutions are still there,the legal and elected president is still there," said Abdul Janadi,deputy minister of information.

"So they  can  form their council only in the sky, and it's allowed there," he added.
 The leading protester Najeeb  Abdul Rehman believes that the idea if a real transitional council was killed today by declaring a council without coordination .
"I think Tawakul was secretly told by her party to kill our dreams of forming a real council, now the idea is killed and this  is what the Islah wants," said Najeeb Abdul Rehman.
Earlier last week, the cleric Abdul Majeed Al Zandani,the most  extremist and influential  cleric in the Islamist party, Islah,said that forming a transitional council violating the rules of Shariah and those who want to form a council should review their religion.

At least two more groups of the protesters declared transitional councils,and many more are on their way to declare.

Adel Abdu,spokesman of the group who delayed their council last Tuseday,said no council would succeed without representation of the majority of the forces including the ruling party.
"I think what was declared today is just an attempt to confuse the public before the return of President Saleh," said Adel."This council is a dead newborn."

However the leading protester Ameen Arrabyee agreed with the council, saying the opposition parties would not do anything if they wait.
"This is what the young people should do, we should not wait, and I think we have taken the right step," said  Arrabyee.

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