Monday, 25 July 2011

Three officials rejoined their ruling party after resignations 


By Abeer Arrabyee, 25/07/2011
Two Members of Parliament have  rejoined  the ruling party , the General People's Congress,  GPC,   after the terrorist  attack on the mosque of the presidential palace early last June.

The two MPs, Shwqi Shamsan and Amin Al-Selwy, had resigned  from the GPC after the  March 18th shootout  at the potest square in Sana'a, in which  52  protesters were were killed.
Earlier this month, Abdul Jaleel Hazem, MP, had also re-joined his party ,GPC, for the same reasons.

The three MPs said in their recantation statements that what happened in March 18 against protesters was wrong enough to make them resign from their party, but what happened in June 3 against president and senior officials of the state was even more dreadful to make them rejoin their party and stand with their leadership.

The Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansor Hadi welcomed the three MPs on Sunday in an extensive meeting which brought together the parliamentary block of the ruling party, the government and the general committee , the highest authority of the ruling party.

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