Wednesday, 5 September 2012

8 Al Qaeda killed and injured in fresh drone attack 

By Nasser Arrabyee,05/09/2012

Five Al Qaeda operatives were killed and three injured in a US drone attack in the eastern province of Hudhrmout, local residents said on Wednesday. 

The residents found five dead bodies and three men injured under the rubble of the house that was destroyed by missile from a drone.
The house is located at the village of Al Hashem, in Wadi Al Ain between Mukalla and Sayoun of Hudhrmout province.

The house belongs to one of Al Qaeda leaders called Bin Salem who was among those killed in the attacks, the residents said.

In Abyan province, two tribal leaders survived an assassination attack on Wednesday immediately after a meeting tribesmen on how to fight terrorism and extremism of Al Qaeda, said local sources.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Jadani, and Sheikh Ahmed Al Sayed Aidaroos, were driving close to Al Wade'e area when gunmen fired on their car. The bodyguards of the sheikhs fired back and forced them to escape, the sources said.  

The tribal meeting was held in Lawdar earlier in the morning to discuss more effective ways for fighting Al Qaeda.  The attack came after Sheikh Al Jadani received threats over phone on Wednesday and many times earlier, the sources said. 

Earlier in the week,  12 people including three from one family were killed when a US drone missed a car of Al Qaeda leader in Al Husn area of Radaa, to hit another car carrying civilians.

The President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi formed an investigation committeee after tribal leaders mediated to reduce the anger of the victims' relatives their tribesmen. 

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