Monday, 10 September 2012

Al Qaeda second man survived in the first drone attack and killed in the second

By Nasser Arrabyee/10/09/2012

The second man of the Al Qaeda in the Arabia. peninsular ( AQAP), Saeed Ali Al Shihri, was killed along  with six other terrorists by a US drone attack in the eastern province of Hudhrmout, said the state-run media on Monday.

The other six terrorists killed in the operation were leading members of Al Qaeda  but were not identified by the official statement.

According to local sources, Al Shihir, 40, Saudi national, was killed in the second drone attack after he escaped with three other injured operatives. The drone killed him with the three injured in a remote area in Wadi Hudhrmout.

Al Shihri and a group of eight terrorists  were at the village of Al Hashem in Wadi Al Ain between Mukalla and Sayoun when the drone attacked them killing four of them and injuring three others. 

Al Shihri, who returned from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia in 2007 before he joined  Al Qaeda in Yemen, took the three injured in Hilux car used usually as mobile hospital and escaped to desert. 

The US drone followed Al Shihri, alias Abu Sufian Al Auzdi, to kill him with the three injured  in a remote area in the valley of Hudhrmout the sources said. 

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