Thursday, 13 September 2012

US embassy stormed, angry protesters set fire to building

By Nasser Arrabyee,13/09/2012

The Yemeni minister of interior Abdul Qader Qahtan arrived to the US embassy to supervise the measures of protection after protesters were forced out from the embassy yard, sources said. 

Some protesters said they were able to raise a white flag with ' No God but Allah, Mohammed Messenger of Allah'  written on it, inside the compound of the US embassy. 

Some protesters were injured and some were arrested of those who were able to reach inside the US embassy, sources said Thursday. 
Some of the parking  cars were  burnt, and smoke  is still rising from inside the fortified compound. 

The Yemeni security forces were able to secure the US embassy after angry protesters stormed it to condemn a video considered abusive to Islam, sources at the gate of the embassy said.

But smoke is still rising from one of the embassy's building. The protesters who  climbed the wall of the embassy were able set fire to the building.

"Now almost every one is out, and firing is ceased," said Yahya Yousef, a resident whose house is opposite the gate of the Embassy.

"We saw protesters getting out with some stuff from inside," he said referring to plundering committed by some protesters.

The protests came hours after sheikh Abdul Majid Al Zandani called for doing something like what happened in in Libya and Egypt, to express anger over the abuses against the prophet Mohammed.  Al Zandani is accused by US and UN of supporting global terrorism. 


 Meanwhile,   The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, D.C. reiterates the Government of Yemen’s strong condemnation on the attack on the  U.S. Embassy compound in Sana’a, Yemen. Furthermore, the Government of Yemen condemns any and all acts of violence against diplomatic personnel and facilities. We strongly urge all those that would wish to incite others to violence to cease immediately.
Given recent regional events, earlier this morning, angry protestors have unfortunately flooded the security perimeter of the U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen and breached the embassy’s wall. Security services have quickly restored order to the Embassy’s complex. Fortunately no casualties were reported from this chaotic incident. The government of Yemen will honor international obligations to ensure the safety of diplomats and will step up security presence around all foreign missions.


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