Saturday, 15 September 2012

Yemeni parliament  calls for repelling the Marines from Yemen  

By Nasser Arrabyee,15/09/2012

The Yemeni Parliament called the American forces to leave the country immediately, after about 150 from the American Marines forces arrived to Sanaa after angry demonstrators  stormed and destroyed the US embassy in protest over American-Israeli film deemed abusive to Islam and its prophet Mohamed. 

"We do not accept any foreign forces in Yemen, be it small or big forces, and for any reason," said a statement by the Parliament on Saturday. The Parliament asked the government to protect all foreign missions in Yemen. The statement condemned the anti-Islam film ( the Innocence of Muslims) and called  for putting the film  makers on trial.

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula called Muslims to kill more American diplomats saying that the film was only a new chapter of a Crusade war  on Islam. " Follow the example of  the Libyans, grandsons of Omar Al Mukhtar," said the statement in a clear reference to the killing of American ambassador in Libya last week. 

Four people were killed and 48 other injured including 10 soldiers last Thursday when angry protester stormed the US embassy in Sanaa. 61 cars were completely damaged, and 13 were burnt and one was stolen.
One of those killed was buried on Saturday in Sanan and his father said during the funeral that the America Marines killed his son. This would create additional anti-American sentiment.  

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