Sunday, 16 September 2012

Yemeni government says marines exceptional case, Yemenis enraged 

By Nasser Arrabyee, 16/09/2012

The Yemeni government said Sunday  that the American Marines forces are exceptional case to protect the US embassy, after  majority of Yemenis expressed their condemnation and refuasl for any Amreican forces in Yemen. 

Majority of Yemenis  on Facebook and twitter said allowing  American forces in Yemen would only increase Al Qaeda terrorists. Very few of Yemenis who said the marines came only to protect the embassy after the government failed completely to protect it from extremists and demagogic forces.

" We would not accept any foreign forces, but the unit in the US embassy is an exceptional case," said the government in a short statement in its media late Sunday. 

Al Qaeda and Al Houthi groups and many other extremist groups and individuals, exploited the  public outrage from film and marines  to promote their hostile  views on America and the West  in general.

 Al Qaeda in Radaa for instance on Sunday, September 16, 2012, took to the streets of the  town carrying their guns and raising their flags without any fear from authorities. 

The security forces did not do anything to them according to local residents. Even more,  Al Qaeda kidnapped a vehicle from the security forces and took it to their stronghold in Al Mesnah. 

The local resident also said that Al Qaeda exploited also the anger of the local people after the mistake of the US drone earlier this month that killed 11 civilians when it missed Al Qaeda car.

  Al Houthi Shitte group promoted thier slogan ( deat to America, death to Israel, curse to Jews) by putting more posters than ever before in the capital Sanaa especially after the marines arrived in the city. 

A total of 200 armored vehicles of the American marines arrived to the Yemeni capital Sanaa according to the weekly independent newspaper Al Ola.
And  250 soldiers of the marines had arrived on Friday and Saturday. 

The American government said it had sent forces to protect its embassy in Sanaa.

Meanwhile, more  than 400 terrorists from Al Qaeda in Al Mahfad, the current stronghold in a mountainous area between Abyan and Shabwah, are  readying to control the  town of Baihan, local  officia said.
The director of Al Mahfad district, Yaslem Al Anboori,said that in a press interview Sunday that  Al Qaeda in Al Mahfaf had sent a number of suicide bombers to Aden and Sanaa to target Yemeni and western  officials and installations.

Earlier, the  Yemeni Parliament called the American forces to leave the country immediately, after about 150 from the American Marines forces arrived to Sanaa after angry demonstrators  stormed and destroyed the US embassy in protest over American-Israeli film deemed abusive to Islam and its prophet Mohamed. 

"We do not accept any foreign forces in Yemen, be it small or big forces, and for any reason," said a statement by the Parliament on Saturday. The Parliament asked the government to protect all foreign missions in Yemen. The statement condemned the anti-Islam film ( the Innocence of Muslims) and called  for putting the film  makers on trial.

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula called Muslims to kill more American diplomats saying that the film was only a new chapter of a Crusade war  on Islam. " Follow the example of  the Libyans, grandsons of Omar Al Mukhtar," said the statement in a clear reference to the killing of American ambassador in Libya last week. 

Four people were killed and 48 other injured including 10 soldiers last Thursday when angry protester stormed the US embassy in Sanaa. 61 cars were completely damaged, and 13 were burnt and one was stolen.
One of those killed was buried on Saturday in Sanan and his father said during the funeral that the America Marines killed his son. This would create additional anti-American sentiment.  


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