Monday, 5 April 2010

32 Al Houthi supporters released

By Nasser Arrabyee/05/04/2010

The Yemeni authorities released 32 detainees of Al Houthi supporters, said a human rights group, Monday.

Ali Al Dailami, chairman of the Yemen organization for defending rights and liberties, local NGO concerned with Sa'ada war detainees, confirmed the release and welcoming it as a good step towards ending the war of Al Houthi armed rebellion.

On Sunday, the same right group said 10 detainees were released. The group, which raises the slogan of 'Free the Detainees First', and which published the names of the 32 releasees, demanded the release of the remaining.

Mediations committees for ending Al Houthi armed rebellion have been working since February 12th, 2010, when the rebels' leader announced the acceptance of the government's six conditions for permanently ending the on-and –off 6-year -old war.

However, the rebels have not yet implemented the most important condition, which is going down from the mountains, and handing over the weapons.

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