Thursday, 8 April 2010

Four people injured in clashes between separatists and security

By Nasser Arrabyee/08/04/2010

Four people including two soldiers were injured when security forces dispersed angry demonstrators calling for separation in the southern city of Al Dhale'e, independent and security sources said Thursday.

Director of criminal investigation in Al Dhale'e, colonel Abdul Khaleq Shaya, survived an assassination attempt when armed secessionists threw a hand grenade to his car causing damage to it, according to the security statements.

Another hand grenade was thrown to a vehicle carrying security men injuring two of them, the security statements added.

Independent sources said four people were injured including two soldiers in fire exchange between armed demonstrators and security forces after the hand grenade exploded on the car of Shaya, which was parking next to his office.

The separatists say the explosion was fabricated by the security to foil the demonstration they hold every Thursday to demand the release of detainees on charges of participating in secessionist activities.

Meanwhile, President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered on Thursday, the release of all people arrested for charges of secessionist activities in Hudhrmout province.

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