Tuesday, 27 April 2010

What my son did is terrorist and shameful: father of suicide bomber

By Nasser Arrabyee/27/04/2010

The father of the suicide bomber who failed to kill the UK ambassador in Sana'a condemned Tuesday what his son did as terrorist and shameful act.

The father Ali Noman Al Selwi, who is working a building contractor, confirmed that his son was put in the intelligence prison for two years for his activities with Al Qaeda.

The father advised the young people to stat away from the terrorist and not to be deceived by them.

"My son was studying in a technical institute after he finished the high school, but he used to go absent from home for two months sometimes," said the father, who seemed to be very sad and regret for the bad end of his son.

The father said that he and the Yemeni security officials tried repeatedly to convince the son to get married to make him forget his crazy ideas of Al Qaeda, but the son refused.

The son Othman tried to assassinate the UK ambassador when he blew himself up in a main road where the ambassador was in his way to the embassy in Sana'a. The car missed the bombing and the ambassador was unharmed.

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  1. the source of this piece is News Yemen not you and it seems you freely used a poetic license to add some sentences on the mouth of the father. have some decensy and mention the source. Also would be nice if you tell us what the Americans offered you while in Washington? Some cash, job, prize? No shortage of agents in the Arab world. Go back to Your Gracious Maker and leave the West and western ideologies behind you. Your faith is the absolute truth and the west has nothing. Absolutely nothing despite their material progres.