Monday, 12 April 2010

Four Yemenis on trial for spying with Iran

By Nasser Arrabyee/12/04/2010

Four Yemeni men were put on trial Monday on charges of spying for Iran for more than 10 years.

In the first session, the prosecutor demanded the death penalty against the four defendants ageed between 26-44 years: Moamar, Mohmammed Ahmed Saleh Al Abdali, Waleed Mohammed Ali Hamoud Sharaf Al Deen, Abdullah Ali Mutahar Al Dailami, Sadek Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Sharafi.

The prosecutor accused the four men of having worked for illegal interests of Iran during the period from 1994 to August 2009.

The defendant Waleed Sharaf Al Deen said he did not recognize the trial nor the court. The other three asked for lawyers to defend them.

The Judge, Muhsen Alwan, of the State Security Court, said the court would listen to the lawyers next hearing.

According to the charges statement, the four men received financial support to implement "thoughtful and political" projects serving the Iranian illegitimate interests in Yemen.

They also handed over to Iran information and pictures about military and security installations, and information on harbours, islands and maritime positions. Their activity was not confined to Sanaá but it was also in almost all the provinces of Yemen.

They were receiving direct financial support from the former Iranian ambassador in Sanaá. The defendants were holding some of their meetings in the house of the Iranian ambassador in Sanaá.

The four defendants also formed an armed gang to carry out sabotage acts in Yemen by orders from the leadership of the armed rebellion of Al Houthi, according to the charges statement.

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