Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Yemen released 236 Al Houthi supporters

By Nasser Arrabyee/06/04/2010

A total of 236 men arrested for charges of supporting Al Houthi armed rebellion were released in implementation of six conditions set by the government and accept by for ending the war, an official statement said Tuesday.

The statement said that 161 detainees were released Monday, and 75 were released two weeks ago.

"This step comes in the frame work of implementation of the six conditions and their executive mechanisms for ending the military operations and starting to focus on development and reconstruction of Sa'ada," said the statement.

Earlier in the week, the country's supreme defense council chaired by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, urged Al Houthi "to implement the six conditions without procrastination, violations, or loitering."

Al Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul Salam, welcomed the step of releasing the detainees describing it as "a good sign for bringing peace to Sa'ada."

However, he said they were not formally informed of the 161 detainees who were released Monday according to the government's announcement.

The spokesman said that 6 people were killed and two others in injured when land mines exploded in two different places in Sa'ada Monday.

He called for quicker removing of the mines so that people can resume their life normally especially in the pasture areas.

The Yemen organization for defending rights and liberties, local NGO concerned with the Sa'ada war detainees confirmed the release of 32 detainees and published their names.

Mediations committees for ending Al Houthi armed rebellion have been working since February 12th, 2010, when the rebels' leader announced the acceptance of the government's six conditions for permanently ending the on-and –off 6-year -old war.

However, the rebels have not yet implemented the most important condition, which is going down from the mountains, and handing over the weapons.

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