Monday, 26 April 2010

British ambassador escapes assassination attempt

The Yemeni government identified the suicide bomber who tried to exploded the convey of the British ambassador to Yemen as Othman Ali AlSalwi.

No one from the British embassy was killed in the suicide bombing and the ambassador Tim Torlot who was in the way back to the British Embassy after a meeting is safe and sound, the security source said Monday.

The sources said the suicide bomber died in the blast and two men and a woman were injured as they passed near to the site of the bombing.

The bomber, Othman Ali AlSalwi who is in the high secondary school was born in 1988.
The media center of the ministry of interior said, the terrorist suicide attacker tried to explode the convey of the British ambassador, but no one from the convey was harmed.

The security sources said suicide bomber who was wearing an explosive belt was blown into pieces and they found his head 50 meters away from the scene of the bombing.

The security sources said the “this terrorist attempt bears the hallmark of AlQaeda.”

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