Saturday, 21 August 2010

17 soldiers, 8 Al Qaeda suspects killed and injured in clashes south Yemen

Ex-Guantanamo detainee surrenders and calls Al Qaeda to give up violence
By Nasser Arrabyee/21/08/2010

A total of five Al Qaeda suspects were killed and three others injured in clashes between Al Qaeda and security force in Lawdar, Abyan province south of Yemen, said security official. Saturday.

The security official said in a statement that investigations are going on with the three injured to help in hunting for the rest of the terrorist group that attacked security forces late Friday August 20th, 2010 in Lawdar.

One of those five dead from Al Qaeda was identified by the government as Adham Al Shaibani. The statement identified five of the Al Qaeda attackers who escaped after the clashes. Ahmed Mohamed Dradish,Abdul Raof Abdullah, Mohammed Nassib, Jalal Saleh, and Mohamed Al Saidi.
About 17 soldiers were killed and several others injured when this group ambushed a number of armed military vehicles while in their way for hunting Al Qaeda elements who hide in Lawdar mountains, according to local sources in Abyan.

The sources said at least 8 soldiers were killed by an RPG missile fired by Al Qaeda fighters on their armed vehicle.

However, the security officials said only 11 soldiers were killed in that terrorist attack.
Separately, a former Guantanamo detainee surrendered himself to the Yemeni authorities and called others to do the same for the sake of security and stability of Yemen, said the ministry of defense on its website on Saturday.

Ali Hussain Al Tais, member of Al Qaeda and ex-detainee in Guantanamo, surrendered himself and showed readiness to cooperate with the government said the ministry. He called Al Qaeda to give up violence.

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