Sunday, 1 August 2010

Three people killed in Shabwah, eastern Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee 01/08/2010

Two men were killed and another was injured by gunmen in Mayfah area Shabawh province, east of Yemen, said a security official on Sunday.
“ The men were killed by outlaws over personal matters,” said the security director of Shabwa province, Ahmed Al Makdashi in a statement. The term ‘outlaws’ officially refer to the separatists.

In Shabwah also, a senior intelligence official was found dead in his office in Ataq, the capital of the province.

The Al Makdashi said that that the intelligence officer Saeed Jaber, who also works as a university professor, killed himself because of psychological problems. “No criminal motivation was behind the killing of Saeed jabber,” said Al Makdashi.

Shabwa province witnessed many violence incidents over the few weeks. The last incident was on July 25th, when gunmen believed to be Al Qaeda members killed six soldiers nearby an oil company in Al Ukla area in Shabwa province. Later, the government said three of the attackers were killed including a prominent Al Qaeda operator.

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