Tuesday, 17 August 2010

3 people killed in bomb explosion

By Nasser Arrabyee, 18/08/2010

At least 3 people were killed when abandoned bomb went off in Al Nahfad area, in Abyan south of Yemen, a local official said Tuesday.

Mukbel Mohammed Al Ambouri, member of local council of Al Mahfad district said that no political or terrorist motivations were behind the explosion.

Some people found the bomb in Al Majala area, where a training camp of Al Qaeda was struck on December 2009, while they were collecting ‘Miswaks’ from the trees of the area.

"While those men were collecting Miswaks, they found the bomb nearby a tree and IT exploded when one of them played with it," Al Ambouri told Yemen Observer over phone from the Al Majalah.

All the people came from Tihama in the coastal western province of Hodieda, to collect ‘Misswaks’ to export them to the neighboring Saudi Arabia. Miswaks are natural brushes for cleaning the teeth and mouth collected from trees of Arak which exist in the area of Al Majalah.

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