Saturday, 7 August 2010

28 Al Qaeda suspects to stand trial in Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee


A total of 28 Al Qaeda suspects including Saudi and Egyptian nationals will be put on trial for charges of forming an armed gang for carrying out terrorist acts in Yemen, a prosecution statement said Saturday.

The statement said the Saudi national is called Abdullah Faraj Mohammed Al Jawbar, and the Egyptian is called Ibrahim Mohammed Saleh Al Bana’a.

The Egyptian had 11 different names, the statement said. Seven of the defendants will be tried in absentia including Shaker bin Hamel, Saleh bin Ali Jaber, and Mutaz ba Zabad, as fugitives from justice.

The statement said that that the Hudhrmout prosecution office reffered the files of the defendants to the State Security Court today Saturday, without saying when the trial will begin.

The 21 defendants, who will appear in State Security Court, were all arrested in Hudhrmout east of Yemen during 2008.

All of them participated in forming an armed gang to carry out terrorist acts against vital economic installations, and plan to assassinate security and military official s .

The charges also include possession of weapons and explosives, RPG, hand grenades.

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