Monday, 30 August 2010

Some 1.4 Million Children Do Not Attend School In Yemen

Source: Bernama


Some 1.4 million Yemeni children is unable to attend schools in Yemen, a governmental report revealed, Yemen News Agency (Saba) said.

The report, issued recently by the Supreme Council for Education Planning indicated that this makes these children live under the threat of illiteracy and represent a major tributary to double the number of illiterates in the country.

The report pointed out that the basic education in Yemen still faces many challenges since the basic education is not yet generalised.

"Among the causes of children illiteracy to the weakness of educational service in some rural and urban areas located in outskirts of the country," the report said, adding that poverty too forces parents to withdraw their children from first school grades and push them to the labour market.

The report of the Supreme Council for Education Planning showed that the drop-out rates of school children, who are between 6 to 14 years ages from the first education classes, amounted last year to 80.11 percent, while the rates of school year repeating reached 74.5 percent.

Furthermore, the report recommended drawing a clear policy to strengthen the capacities of the provinces provide educational opportunities and necessary circumstances and conditions to help pupils to flow to schools during the first education classes and continue to complete their education.

It stressed the need to strengthen the provisions of educational process in the first stage of the basic education, which represents the bedrock of subsequent education and ensures that the dropouts will not become illiterates in this stage.

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