Sunday, 26 September 2010

Eight separatists arrested in southern city of Aden

Names and pictures of eight wanted distributed
By Nasser Arrabyee/26/09/2010
A total of 8 separatists accused of planning to target tourist places were arrested in the southern city of Aden, said security official Sunday.

The official said in a statement published in the state-run media that the a group of 15 men (aged between 35-57) were in a house in Al Boraika area in Aden when the police stormed the house and arresting 8 while the remaining 7 escaped. The police is chasing after them, the official said.
The group formed secret cells to carry out sabotage, violence, chaos acts with the aim of targeting the national unity, the official said in the statement.

Seven of them were recently released from prison by a presidential pardon after they had been convicted of inciting against the national unity.
The security official said that the group was planning to strike tourist places in Aden to fight what they called immoral activities and pornography.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni security authorities distributed names and pictures of 8 other men to all security check points to be arrested as wanted as dangerous criminals.

The authorities also called upon the citizens to cooperate with the security by giving any information that leads to the arrest of

Bashir Mohammed Ahmed Al Helsi; Musleh Abdullah Ahmed Al Helsi; Yousef Ahmed Muthana Zeyod; Abdul Elah Ali Kasem Al Mesbahi; Mohammed Ali Abdullah Haidar Al Nashiri; Shawki Ali Ahmed Al Badani Ameen Abdullah Al Othmani; Abdul Hamid Ahmed Mohammed.

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