Thursday, 2 September 2010

Four militants arrested after attacks on security official

By Nasser Arrabyee/02/09/2010
Four gunmen accused of attacking security and military officials were arrested, said an official statement on Thursday.

Al Barbari, 38, from Al Jawf province, and Masba’an 25, from Amran province, were arrested after the security director of Mareb Mohammed AMnsour Al GHudrah led a campaign to arrest them, the statement said.

The two men, identified only by their surnames as Al Barbari and Masba’an, were accused of attacking a check point in Mareb province two days ago killing a soldier and injuring another.
The statement also said that two other men were arrested in Radfan district in the southern province of Lahj after they allegedly attacked s senior military official injuring two of his bodyguards including his son.

The two men, who were identified also with their surnames as Al Daeri and Saleh, allegedly failed to assassinate the commander of the brigade 121, Thabet Nasser Al Jahori two days ago in Lahj province.

Meanwhile, the Yemen security authorities said Thursday they are continuing to comb the town of Lawdar, in the southern province of Abyan, and neighboring areas where fierce confrontations between Al Qaeda operatives and security forces killed more than 30 people including 19 Al Qaeda operatives and 11 soldiers earlier last month.

“The security forces will continue the searching and combing process not only in Lawdar but also any place where Al Qaeda terrorists hide,” said the official statement which was carried by the state-run media.

A number of Al Qaeda suspects were arrested over the last few days after searching and combing the houses of terrorists in the town of Lawdar.

The statement specified seven houses of the seven terrorists : Ahmed Abdu Dardish, Salem Maks, Jalal Al Zabaidi, Adel Hardaba, Jalal Al Saidi, Omar Al Abed, and Ameen Saleh Al Wahidi.

The statement said that the Yemeni security forces, “in cooperation with brothers and friends” , are capable and determined to eradicate Al Qaeda.

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