Monday, 27 September 2010

Sana’a Book Fair boycotted for extremism and terrorism publications

By Nasser Arrabyee/27/09/2010

A number of Yemeni intellectuals boycotted a book exhibition being held in Sana’a for showing books calling for “ extremism and terrorism” and not allowing books of “modernity and enlightening”.

“We boycotted the Book Fair because the organizers did not allow creative works including Mushaf Ahmar, and they allowed instead for a great number of the books that call for extremism and terrorism,” said a statement signed by eight writers and poets including Mohammed Al Gharbi Amran the author of the book “ MUshaf Ahmar meaning Red Book” was not allowed to be displayed.

The Book Fair 27th being organized by the Ministry of Culture during the period from 25th of September to 6th of October in San’a, has about 400,000 titles from about 350 local Arab and international publishers.

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