Monday, 6 September 2010

New measures to eradicate Al Qaeda, intelligence chief

By Nasser Arrabyee/06/09/2010
The Yemeni chief of intelligence said Monday the successful preemptive strikes against Al Qaeda were behind the surrenders .
Earlier, the government said it had arrested 14 Al Qaeda operatives after fierce confrontations in the town of Lawdar of the southern province of Abyan.

“The government is using new procedures and policies to eradicate Al Qaeda. These include media, education, development, legislation, in addition to the preemptive operations,” said Ali Al Ansi, in an interview with the ruling party newspaper Al Methaq on Monday.
“The implementation of these policies will stop the activities of the terrorists, and end the reproduction of terrorism.”

Meanwhile, the security officials said Monday that Al Qaeda operatives killed a tribal chief and one of his bodyguards. Sheikh Hussain Mashdal and one of his bodyguards were killed and his nephew was injured in an ambush made by gun men outside the town of Mudia, Abyan province. Sheikh Mashal, from Al Fadhal tribes, was one of the tribal mediators between Al Qaeda and the government after confrontations in Lawdar.

Three men wanted for security were arrested in Sana’a, one of them accused of assassinating an intelligence officer in Zinjubar, province of Abyan earlier this year, the government media said Monday.

The government media also said Monday, the security forces are still implementing a campaign to arrest a group of separatists who killed four soldiers and injured 10 other people including four soldiers in an attack on a security check point in Al Rabwah area in Lahaj province last Saturday.

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