Friday, 3 September 2010

Yemeni police arrests suspected al-Qaida militant in Abyan

Source: Xinhua , 04/09/2010

Sanaa-The Yemeni police arrested a suspected al-Qaida man in the troubled southern province of Abyan, where a series of deadly battles took place between troops and al-Qaida fighters in the past month, the Interior Ministry said on Friday, Xinhua informed.

The ministry, in a statement posted on its website, identified the man as Jabir Ali al-Qaify, 27, and said he was from a neighboring Arab country, which the ministry did not name.

Police arrested al-Qaify at a police checkpoint in Mukairas city of Abyan when he came from nearby Lodar city on a motorcycle without carrying any documents to prove his identity, the statement said.

Al-Qaify was under investigation now, said the statement.
Earlier Friday, the defense ministry said security forces caught two wanted al-Qaida militants, including a commander, in Lodar city.

Lodar city of Abyan is believed to be a stronghold of al-Qaida forces in the Arabian Peninsula that has witnessed a series of deadly battles between suspected al-Qaida fighters and security forces late last month, leaving dozens from both sides dead or injured.

The U.S.-backed Yemeni government has intensified security operations and air raids against terrorist groups after the Yemen- based al-Qaida wing claimed responsibility for a botched attempt to blow up a U.S. passenger plane bound for Detroit in December last year.

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