Monday, 10 January 2011

10 cooperation agreements signed during Turkish President historic visit to Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/10/01/2011

The Turkish President Abdullah Gul arrived in the Yemeni capital late afternoon Monday heading a high profile delegation in a two-day visit to Yemen, described as the first ever paid by a Turkish president since Turkey recognized the Republic of Yemen in 1970.

About 10 bilateral cooperation agreements are to be signed during the visit of the President Gul, the most important of which is that which will cancel visas requirements between the two countries, and an agreement for extradition of wanted persons, according to an official statement.

The Turkish President will open a memorial statue for the Turkish soldiers who lost their lives in Yemen during the Ottoman rule . The Ottoman Islamic empire ruled Yemen from 1538-1635 in the first reign. And the second reign, it ruled Yemen from 1872-1918.

The 10.6 meters high memorial was built in the area of Al Auradhi, where the Turkish leadership was based, close to the current defense ministry of Yemen. More than 5 million dollars technical and vocation institute will also be opened during the visit. The graduates of the institute, funded mainly by and Turkey, are expected to meet the requirements of the labor market.

The Turkish President is also scheduled to speak on Tuesday in a Yemeni- Turkish economic forum held in Sana’a , which will discuss the aspects of economic and development bilateral cooperation and investment opportunities in Yemen for Turkish investors.

About 100 Turkish businessmen and investors are accompanying the President Gul. About 200 businessmen from both sides are expected to participate in the economic forum.

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