Sunday, 16 January 2011

Yemeni activists stage demonstration in solidarity with Tunisian uprise

Source: Yemen Post, 16/01/2011
Hundreds of Yemeni people, mostly college students, marched Saturday to send a message to the great Tunisian people and the Yemeni corrupt regime, though it seems that the revolution that forced out of office Tunisia's President days ago can't move the people in the Arab World.
"Go before your are forced out, our corrupt regime," the march, which ended in a sitting at the Tunisian embassy in Algeria Street in downtown the capital Sana'a, chanted.

"Our message was to send a message to the great Tunisian people that they inspired the Yemeni people and made them regain confidence in themselves, and a message to the Yemeni regime that it should go now and peacefully before they are forced out by the revolution of the people," said Tawakul Karman, the organizer who is a human rights activist.

She addressed the marchers at the embassy saying "your message has been delivered and thank you for effort that I hope will enlarge in the future".

"President Saleh should go along with his corrupt government and corrupt family right now before the people go further determined for change," said Karman.
"Our slogan is that corruption must be eradicated and no to be the family's own, the family of President Saleh".

We should remind our regime of what Tunisian President said before his people forced him out of office and out of the country, she said, quoting President Zein Al-Abidin Bin Ali as saying in his final speech to the people" I understood…. I got your message, hours before he left the country in a shameful way".

Karman was inspiring the people along the way of the march that started at Sana'a University, guiding them and telling them the slogans they chanted. She focused on slogans of revolution and unity, change and no to corrupt and liar ruler and regime.

The marchers chanted slogans urging the Yemeni people to walk, walk and walk for change and to take to the streets to send a message to the regime that corruption should come to an end.
They also carried placards that read" Oh! the Freedom Tunisia, You Are Our Liberation", " the Peaceful Democratic Change is Our Slogan to Build the New Yemen", " Revolution, Revolution the Youth against the Liar Ruler," and " Our Duty is to Eradicate Corruption".

The main slogans were: Go before your Out by the People's Revolution and Where are the Unity and the Revolution…We Have Become Your Family's Own.

Some MPs and activists walked in the rally covered by local and foreign media and that comes amid other tiny rallies in Sana'a and other provinces after the impressive and unexpected Tunisian revolution that forced Tunisian President to leave the country last week.

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