Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Constitutional amendments please Yemeni women

Source: Saba, By: Mawaheb al-Sharjabi, 05/01/2011

Yemeni women expressed their happiness of the constitutional amendments that gives them 44 seats in the parliament.

They described this move as great move for the Yemeni democratic experience and big achievement for the Yemeni woman and boosting her existence in decision making places. In their talk to the 26 september.net, they affirmed that this achievement is considered a translation to the president's electoral program and demanded the parliament to unanimously approve these amendments and starting implementing them in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Chairwoman of the Yemeni Women Union Ramziah al-Eryani described the project of the constitutional amendments as big and positive move in the path of enabling women politically and in participation in decision making. She added that this move is a translation to the program of president who affirmed on allocating 15 percent of the parliament seats to women. " I hope they are approved by the parliament and be implemented from the coming April because some leading women fear that this quota will not be implemented under the pretext of looking for mechanisms for their implementation and we say there are mechanisms some countries, like Egypt, preceded us."

Al-Eryani hoped there have to be training courses to the Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum to benefit from other experiences in this field and keep pace with countries that worked in allocating seats for women in the parliament. For her part, Rashida al-Hamadani, the deputy Chairwomen of Woman National Committee considered the constitutional amendments as great achievement to Yemeni woman. "Woman frequently asks for this demand and heads for such chance. It is really valuable chance for woman to prove her efficiency." She hoped that woman's demands on expanding her political participation are realized to reach to decision making as this added to national interests and boost Yemen's democracy.

Head of Yemen Woman Union in Sa'ada Amat al-Bari Amer said allocating 44 seats of the parliament to woman is considered positive move, woman has aspired for and sought for reaching decision making places. She added that no doubt that her existence in the parliament has great importance in tackling woman's issues and improving the political system as well as enhancing chances of her participation in the political arena. As she is near to woman's issues and understanding well creating solutions, active participation to change woman's position in Yemen to better level is a must. Ayeda Ashor, the Head of Woman National Committee in al-Dhale' commended the move.

"We received the project of constitutional amendments happily and thanks to the president for giving us this attention and this chance he grants woman," she said. "Woman is capable to practice her nomination right and to express her voice strongly in the parliament. She is also able to handle her own issues because she is more close to woman in that." She further said I hope that the parliament unanimously approve the amendments project and do justice to woman in giving her a chance to expand her political participation and reaching decision making place as she will be active member.

Head of Yemeni Woman Union in Aden
Fatima al-Muraisi expressed happiness for the proposed 44 seats for woman in the parliament. She said this comes from the deep believe of the president in woman role and her contribution in political life and development. "The generous presidential support comes in a time when we, the women, are demanding it in all forums.

This aspiration has been realized by our president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Actually, approving this constitutional amendment will silence those who play with woman's issues and those who seek to bring the homeland into constitutional vacuum. As we did realize the democracy's foundations, we call on all to yield to voting polls and participate in the elections," she said.

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