Sunday, 9 January 2011

Soldier and three electricity workers killed , four others injured in south Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/09/01/2011
Four Yemenis were killed and four others were seriously injured when gunmen attacked a car belonging to the government electricity corporation in Abyan province south the country, the ruling party website (www. ) said on Sunday.

The gunmen, who were riding motor cycles, intercepted the car in the area of Al Hejr, between Zinjubar, capital of Abyan, and Ja’ar, one of Jihadists stronghold.

The gunmen plundered, after the operation, 10 million Riyals, about 50,000 US dollars, which was with the electricity workers as revenues. The electricity employees were supposed to go to deposit the money in Zinjubar’s central bank branch. The government website said the attack was implemented by separatists in cooperation with Al Qaeda.

The website mentioned the names of the four who were killed including one soldier and also the names of those who were injured taken to a hospital in Aden।

The attack came after several similar attacks implemented by gunmen who killed and injured about 20 soldiers over the last two days in this volatile province where Al Qaeda fighters and separatists are active.

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