Sunday, 30 January 2011

Yemen to transfer Yemenis from Egypt's unrest

Source: Saba, 30/01/2011

-President Ali Abdullah Saleh has issued his directives to the government to take charge of transferring Yemeni citizens and students in Egypt to Yemen at the expense of the State.

In this regard, President Saleh also instructed Yemen Airways Company to operate additional flights to transport Yemeni citizens and students in Egypt, who want to return to Yemen.Yemen Airways indeed started on Sunday to transport Yemeni passengers from the Egyptian Cairo to home in light of the current events in Egypt.

Speaking to Saba, Deputy Director-General of Commercial Affairs of Yemen Airways Moneer Gahosh said on Sunday that Egyptian authorities are cooperating with the company in order to allow extra flights to land in the Cairo airport.Meanwhile, Yemen's embassy in Cairo has formed an operations room directly linked to the Foreign Ministry to monitor the conditions of Yemenis including students, patients and other citizens around the clock.

A source at the ministry said the ministry had contacted the embassy to make sure the Yemeni people in Cairo and other cities were OK. The embassy said all Yemenis in Egyptian cities are safe and away from the protests.

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