Friday, 30 November 2012

Deaths and injuries in explosion of  weapons store in Sanaa

Deaths and injuries in explosion of  weapons store in Sanaa

By Nasser Arrabyee,30/11/2012

The Yemeni security forces are searching  to arrest the businessman Jarman Abdu Jarman after a  huge explosion happened in his house killing and injuring 6 people and destroying at least houses around,said  security sources late Friday.

Clashes happened immediately after the explosion which could be heard to kms away inside the capital Sanaa.

Explosion is only meters away from the UNFPA.

The bodyguards of Jarman prevented the security forces from entering the house,  and this was was the reason why   clashes  happened.

The ambulances took to the hospitals more than six victims. 

The bodyguards of the businessman Jarman prevented the photographers and cameraman from entering taking pictures of the destroyed house.

The bodyguards  were  surrounding the house, and police surrounding the area, sources in the site said. 

The businessman Jarman has a complex of houses in the street of Algeria in Sanaa.  

Sources close to Jarman family said that the explosion happened after hand grenades were thrown to the basement where weapons were. 

Three cars laden with gunmen loyal to Jarman have arrived now to protect the destroyed house, eyewitnesses said.

In the street of Algeria, the businessman Jarman Abu Jarman, from Saada, has  two big houses, opposite to each other.  One of them has the stores of weapons. This was almost completely destroyed by the explosion that happened inside.  For the other one,  in the other side of the street, the wall of the yard was almost destroyed.  


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