Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The house is mine, the land is mine, I am not leaving: Tarik Al Fadhli

The house is mine, the land is mine, I am not leaving: Tarik Al Fadhli

By Nasser Arrabyee,07/11/2012

Al Qaeda-related tribal leader refused to leave his house after he had agreed to do  that on certain conditions, said local sources late Wednesday.

The tribal leader Tarik Al Fadhli said to mediators, " the house is mine and the land is mine and I am not leaving." 

Earlier in the day, Al Fadhli told his cousin Mohammed Hassan Al Fadhli who leads tribal mediation, he was ready to  leave his house to the court if anyone wants to sue him.  But, the immunity he has from being member of advisory council (Shora council) should be first lifted by a a decree. 

Some leaders of the popular committees refused  even any mediation between them and Al Fadhli and and insisted on deporting Al Fadhli from his house.  They accused him and all his bodyguards  of being Al Qaeda operatives. 

 Some leaders of popular committees even accuses the mediators especially Moahmmed Hassan Al Fadhli and Mohammed Saleh Hadran ( deputy governor of Abyan) of colluding and cooperating with Tarik Al Fadhli.

Tribal gunmen from popular committeess are still surrounding the house of Tarik Al Fadhli in Zinjubar. Some of them stormed his house in Shuqrah and arrested one of his aides called Tarik Al Najdi. 

The popular committees accused Al Najdi of being an Al Qaeda leader. Al Najdi said earlier that no force in the world be able to prevent Tarik Al Fadhli from staying in his house. 

Earlier in the week, Tarik Al Fadhli and his family and tens of armed bodyguards returned from Shuqrah to  his huge palace in Zinjubar. Armored vehicles from the government troops escorted him to Zinjubar. Tarik Al Fadhli is the brother in law of the famouse general Ali Muhsen who defected from Saleh's regime and supported the protesters. ( General Muhsen is married to Tarik Al Fadhli's sister).

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