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The drone- killed Al Qadi was general in Yemeni army

The drone- killed Al Qadi was general in Yemeni army

By Nasser Arrabyee,07/11/2012

Adnan Al Qadi, Al Qaeda operative killed by US drone Wednesday, was a lieutenant colonel    in the Yemeni army before he joined Al Qaeda, said sources Thursday. 

Adnan Al Qadi was working as a commander of brigade in Al Makha under the leadership of Saleh Al Dani, a retired general who is now working with the defected general Ali Muhsen. All of them are from one village called Sanahan, the same village of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Adnan Al Qadi and Aref Al Qadi, were arrested after the bombing of the US embassy in Sanaa late 2008 for being involved. Aref is a nephew of brigadier Abdullah Al Qadi, retired general from Sanhan. Both of them were released secretly because of influence of their fathers and sympathy of general Muhsen.

Recently, Aref Al Qadi, raised the flag of Al Qaeda over his house in village of Bait Al Ahmar, the village of all conflicting guys, according to local sources. 

The slain Adnan Al Qadi was   one of the mediators between the Yemeni government and  slain Sheikh Tarik Al Dhahab, Al Qaeda leader in Radaa last year  according to Al Qaeda specialist journalist, Abdul Razak Al Jamal who met Al Qadi and most of the Al Qaeda leaders.

Al Jamal also said that Adnan Al Qadi would always say that United States is supporting separation of the south of Yemen. " Because America realizes that problems of the north can not be solved," Al Jamal said. 

" American wants to establish a Shiite state in the north of the north, and let controlled chaos continue."

The journalist, Al Jamal recently injured while arranging interviews with Al Qaeda in Shabwah, said the American forces in the south is for protecting "separation".

On Wednesday November 6th, 2012, a US drone hit a car in the area of Al Nasrin in Sanahan, 30km south east of the capital Sanaa, killing Adnan Al Qadi and two others identified as Rabee Laheb, and Redwan Al Hashidi. Some sources said that the latter two were only injured. 

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