Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Preparations for national dialogue almost over, Bin Omar says

Preparations for national dialogue almost over, Bin Omar says

Sources: Statement, 29/11/2012

The Yemeni parties and forces agreed on percentage of representation in the coming national dialogue after long controversy. 

The People General Congress, Saleh's party, was given 112 seats out of the total 565 seats for all participants of the national dialogue which is expected to be held on December. 

The Islah party was given 50, the Socialist, 37, Nasserite 30, Hirak 85, Al Houthi 35, ANC President Hadi 62, and the remaining are for the youth, women and other small parties.

The UN envoy Jamal Bin Omar,  to Yemen issued statement on Wednesday after he reached an agreement with the parties and forces about the controversial issue of representations. 

Bin Omar said in the statement that was sent to media: 

I am pleased to announce this evening, that a resolution has been reached to the recent deadlock amongst all stakeholders over the allocation of seats at the upcoming National Dialogue Conference.

It became very clear as discussions ensued amongst the Preparatory Committee, that there was simply no perfect formula that would suit al the groups represented – the GPC and former opposition parties, Houthis, Youth & women activists, and representatives of the South. The Committee, therefore, requested that I present a formula to end the deadlock.

Tonight, I presented a distribution that I felt was the most clear and balanced. I am pleased that after presenting the proposal, the Committee accepted the numbers.  

With this last contentious issue resolved, the long hours and efforts of the Committee are coming to a conclusion. The fruits of their efforts will soon deliver a final report and other elements finalizing the rules and structure of the Conference.

The dedication and efforts of the Committee is to be highly commended. They have paved the way for a national dialogue that is truly constructive, participatory and effective.

I would like to thank the members for placing their trust in me and for extending their cooperation throughout

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