Friday, 23 November 2012

UN envoy calls for immediate start of Yemen national dialogue

  “Preparations for the start of the National Dialogue Conference must end” says,  UN Special Adviser on Yemen Jamal Binomar

 Sources : Statmwnt, 24/11/2012

 Press statement on the occasion of the first anniversary of Yemen’s peace and transition agreement

 Today marks the first anniversary of the signing of Yemen’s peace and transition agreement. The road towards this Agreement took courage and persistence on the part of all involved.  The road ahead is no less difficult.

 And despite the challenges lying ahead, I remain confident that our common efforts to help those in Yemen aspiring for a better future will be successful.   Remarkable progress has indeed been achieved throughout this past year. Back in February 2011, a large and vibrant youth movement, demanding change, took to the streets across the country.

An atmosphere of insecurity ensued, raising fears of a full-scale civil war.  However, the combined will & efforts of all involved led to the signing of the Agreement that paved the way to a peaceful and comprehensive political transition.

  The November agreement provided for:   • A clear path for fundamental reforms of Yemen’s governance systems as well as for addressing past wrongs. • Recognition of the role played by the youth, with a clear roadmap to secure their participation during the transition in a way that meets their aspirations. • The opportunity for Yemenis to reclaim their destiny and establish a new constitutional order. • Full representation of women throughout the transitional process.     We stand now at a critical moment of this process, with the preparations for the National Dialogue Conference coming to a conclusion. Therefore, I call on all political leaders and the preparatory committee of the national dialogue to address the pending issues.  It’s a matter of urgency to launch the conference and give all segments of Yemeni society the chance to discuss the issues facing their country.   The National Dialogue, driven by Yemenis themselves, will be crucial to secure the country’s democratic future and identity. Its success requires bold steps to reassure all Yemenis that their aspirations will be met.  It has been an inspiration to see women, youth, civil society, together with representatives of political parties, Houthis and Southern representatives participating constructively in the Committee.  This is undoubtedly the beginning of the new Yemen. Thus, a speedy conclusion of the preparatory works is urgently needed.    The transition in Yemen remains fragile, and the stakes are high. It’s still threatened by those who have not embraced change in the country. However, Yemen is the one example in the region where the Security Council and international community are speaking with one voice in support of this unique experience of peaceful change.  It is a transition based on a clear roadmap and enjoys the overwhelming support of the population.   Yemen’s remarkable transition offers a chance for all Yemenis to participate, paving the way for a prosperous and stable Yemen. I remain committed to working with all political players as well as the international community to ensure the speedy launch of the National Dialogue Conference and equally to support a successful transition through the subsequent constitution drafting, referendum and elections in early 2014.  

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