Thursday, 13 December 2012

Al Qaeda returns  to Abyan

Al Qaeda returns  to Abyan

By Nasser Arrabyee, 14/12/2012

Al Qaeda is trying to restore the southern province of Abyan after more than 130 Al Qaeda fighters arrived in Al Mahfad mountaineous areas of this restive  province that was under of terrorists  earlier this year, said local sources Thursday.

Today Thursday, a total of 80 fightersn arrived in Al Al Mahfad coming from the eastern province of Mareb where the army is launching a war against Al Qaeda and loyal tribesmen after they killed about 17 soldiers including the commander of  middle region.

On Wednesday, local sources said that the top leader of Al Qaeda in Arabian Penisular (AQAP), Nasser Al Wahaishy arrived in Al Mahfad along with 50 fighters. 

Trying to restore the contol over Abyan, two check points around Al Mahfad under the control of Anti-AlQaeda popular committees were attacked today Thursday, said sources.

Earlier in the day, the head of popular committees  in the neighboring province of Lahj survived  an assassination attempt by Al Qaeda suspects who threw a hand grenade to his car burning it completely. 

Back on May and June of this year, the governemnt troops and tribesmen drove out Al Qaeda from Zinjubar and Jaar of Abyan after being declared Taliban-style Emirates for more than year. 

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